With the 2021 season just getting under way, the great karting movement is ready to get even more serious in the main part of the year. Maranello Kart has already taken to the track for the first official outings and is ready to go back to the races with important novelties, especially in the future.
Luca Iannaccone (General Manager - Maranello Kart), welcome back into the family Luca Filini after ten years from the last time. With a lot of experience on the track, Filini returns to Maranello after having been part of it from 2004 to 2011. A welcome return that raises the bar even higher for Maranello Kart, which returns to competition with its own Official Racing Team in the OK, OKJ and 60 Mini categories.
The team will focus on the development of the three classes in question, in the national and obviously international field in the FIA Karting panorama and not only, with the support and management of Luca Filini. An ambitious project that will launch Maranello Kart at 360 degrees in the single-gear classes, working especially on the new homologations and on the future new drivers to be included in the racing team.
Obviously, Iannaccone and his team are keen to point out that, as far as KZ is concerned, the relationship with SRP Racing will not be interrupted in any way but, on the contrary, it will be consolidated even more for next year, thanks to the trust with Maik Siebecke's team, which has enthusiastically welcomed the new entry. Luca Filini will immediately enter the race circuits starting from the first European race in Wackesdorf in support of SRP Racing.
Maranello Kart is therefore ready to continue its journey with a Racing Team full of confirmations and new ideas.

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