Federer has been involved in an incident at the start of one heat in the fourth round of DKM and this prevented him from taking part in the two finals in Genk. Trefilovs won again in KZ2 Cup, while Bernardotto got on the podium with a great P5.
Maranello Kart and SRP Racing Team had an emotionally intense weekend in Genk (Belgium) during the fourth round of DKM especially since Fabian Federer was involved in an incredible incident at the start of one KZ2 heat, but also because Davids Trefilovs claimed a great win in KZ2 Cup and Enrico Bernardotto a good P5.
After taking an excellent pole position in qualifying, the chain of Fabian Federer’s kart suddenly broke at the start on one heat so he could not get away and was violently hit from behind on the starting grid. The consequences of this incident caused him strong pain at the neck and prevented him from taking part in the two finals in Genk. This is a real shame for the Italian driver that missed the chance to score heavy points for the championship and his gap to the top now increased to 64 points before the closing round to be held in Ampfing on October 6th. Maranello Kart and SRP Racing Team jointly send their best wishes for a prompt recovery to Fabian Federer eyeing also the World Championship to be held in Lonato on September 22nd.
Christoph Hold was also on track for Maranello Kart in KZ2 and he ended final one in P23 before coming 19th in the second one.
KZ2 classification after round 4: 1. Pex Stan points 208; 2. Federer 144; 3. Longhi 138; 4. Pex Jorrit 133; 5. Denner 124.
The excellent performance of Davids Trefilovs in KZ2 Cup continued and the driver claimed the second win in a row following the win in Kerpen. Trefilovs,  Maranello Kart and SRP Racing Team dominated the weekend of Genk taking the pole position in 51.645s, winning Prefinal-A and then the Final, which allowed him to keep the third position of the classification being 10 points short of the leader. His teammate Enrico Bernardotto was also among the quickest and ended on the podium in Genk with a great fifth place after shining with P4 in qualifying. In KZ2 Cup, Brio Hueting was 20th and Niklas Schefter 24th.     
KZ2 Cup classification after round 4: 1. Fritsch points 152; 2. Van Walstijn 146, 3. Trevilovs 142; 4. Kapetanidis 107; 5. Risom 92.  
In OK-Junior, David Jaromin was 24th in race-1 and 21st in race-2, while Jannik Julius-Bernhart was 26th in race-1 and 24th in race-2.
The next round of DKM will take place in Ampfing next October 6th.
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In the pictures: 1) Fabian Federer, KZ2; 2) KZ2 Cup start, Davids Trefilovs; 3) Davids Trefilovs, KZ2 Cup; 4) Enrico Bernardotto and Davids Trefilovs, KZ2 Cup.
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