Francesco Iacovacci turned out to be among the quickest drivers of the second round of the Italian Championship in Siena. Cristian Griggio claimed P3 in KZN Over.
Maranello Kart put in great performances in the very crowded second round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship held at the circuit in Siena. The Italian company has been represented by a lot of drivers in several categories, starting from KZ2 with the official team SG Race.
Several Maranello Kart teams were present in Siena like Quaranta Racing Motor (reseller for region Puglia), Sambataro Racing (Sicily), Oracle, Kart Evolution (Tuscany) and Monti Racing Team (Marche and Abruzzo).   
A total of 283 drivers on track set a new record for the Italian Championship to the benefit of the spectacle that has been high throughout the weekend. In KZ2, Maranello Kart scored a positive result with SG Race’s Francesco Iacovacci. The driver from Rome has been shining since qualifying when he posted the fourth time of his series and then was sixth after qualifying heats. In the first of the two finals Iacovacci has been among the front-runners and secured a good P6 lapping on the same pace of the top drivers, as he did in the second final when he came seventh.
Gabrio Bizzozero also competed in KZ2 and had to go through the second chance race to qualify for the two finals, that he successfully completed with two placings. Alberto La Gala and Edoardo Salmaso also managed to be among the finalists of KZ2.
KZN Under had 65 drivers on track and the competition has been high to define the 34 finalists. Fabrizio Del Brutto, Kevin Ceccarelli, Andrea Caregnato, Leonardo Pelosi, Francesco Simonazzi and Michael Dalle Stelle were among the quickest after the heats. The best results in the finals were obtained by Andrea Caregnato,  who was 15th in race-1 and Kevin Ceccarelli, 13th in race-2. Fabrizio Del Brutto had been unfortunately involved in an incident in race-2 which will force him away from racing fields for a while. Mattia Giannini also had to retire from the event following an incident in the first qualifying heat.
Maranello colors were on the podium of KZN Over with 2018 champion Cristian Griggio, who ended race-2 in third place after P6 taken in race-1. Andrea Spagni was also among the fastest in race-1 ending ninth and in race-2 when he was eighth.
Mattia Simonini and Alessio Migliucci could not show their best performance in X30 Junior as they struggled to get some positions back after qualifying heats. Simonini was 20th in race-1 and 21st in race-2, while Migliucci had to retire from race-1 and came 20th in race-2.
Category 60 Mini had 69 entered drivers and the very young Simone Frasca could not qualify for the final due to an incident he was involved in during the first heat.
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Maranello Kart will be back on track with the full-lineup of SRP Racing Team in the second and closing round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championship on June 16th at the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno.
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In the pictures: 1) Francesco Iacovacci, KZ2; 2) Maranello Kart SG Race; 3) Cristian Griggio, KZN Over; 4) Cristian Griggio on the podium KZN Over; 5) Mattia Simonini, X30 Junior.