Maranello Kart locked out the podium at the closing round of the Autumn Trophy with Christoph Hold taking the win ahead of Massimo Dante and Flavio Sani. Dante secured the Autumn Trophy for the second year in a row.
Maranello Kart claimed another victory in KZ2 at the closing round of the 29th Autumn Trophy in Lonato. The Italian outfit secured another top three finish and a dominant win, this time by a competitive Christoph Hold, who led Massimo Dante and Flavio Sani.
Following the top-three lockout scored one week ago, when Dante clinched the win ahead of Hold and Sani, the 28th Autumn Trophy ended with another triumph for Maranello Kart. This second and closing round welcomed the second victory in a row of the Trophy for Massimo Dante, who ended equal on points with Hold, but had the best discriminant of the qualifying time. Flavio Sani was third in the Trophy. This great success rewarded the quality of the work completed by Maranello Kart’s engineers and drivers and confirms the value of the material produced by the Italian company.
Massimo Dante and Christoph Hold have been very competitive since qualifying, where they posted the second and third quickest time behind Lanzeni. Dante won the Prefinal from Hold. In the Final, Hold has been irresistible in the closing laps when he managed to find his way past Dante and kept the lead until the chequered flag. Flavio Sani had to recover from P13 up to P4 of Prefinal, before ending the Final in third place. Sani tried to sneak P2 from Dante, but after a first attempt positions crystallized with Dante ending second and Sani third. Andrea Ceresoli was also very quick but got involved in an incident at the beginning of the final and closed his effort in P23 due also to a penalty.
Luca Giammattei was 17th in KZ2, Paolo Rocca 19th. Gabrio Bizzozzero claimed a great P7 in Shifter Rok, while the German Nico Jocker was also among the quickest but a 10s time penalty relegated him to P13. In Rok Junior Mattia Simonini and Alexandru Iancu, the latter at the debut in Junior, had to settle for Final B where they respectively ended sixth and eight.     
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In the pictures: 1) Hold, Dante, Sani, KZ2; 2) Podium KZ2, with Hold, Dante and Sani; 3) Dante winner of the 2018 Autumn Trophy.
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