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SUMMARY OF St Racing Team Season

Another difficult, but above all a fruitful season has finished on the karting tracks throughout the country. As every year, ST Racing Team drivers began to struggle thinking about the highest positions. This year, one of the unquestionable favorites to win in his category was Slawek Muranski, who has been driving in our team for several seasons, and who additionally performed in both Rotax Max Challenge and Rok Cup Poland.
Apart from him, Jakub Dobroszczyk,Pawel Dajewski as well as Piotr Cegielski took part in Super Rok category.
While the first round could be regarded as ’wiping’, during the next 2nd round of Rok, Slawek proved that treating him as a favourite was fully justified. That experienced driver won the first victory in the season to finally get on the podium in eight out of sixteen rounds of Rok Cup Poland!

Rotax Max Challenge and DD2 categories were also an impressive victory of Slawek in the general classification. It is enough to say that he scored the set of points in as many as 5 rounds! It is a greathonour to have such an experienced driver in your team, owing to whom other drivers performing in the same category were given a chance to hone their skills during direct competition.
Kuba Dobroszczyk presented himselfwell during the whole season and finished on the high 7th position in the classification of the season. Two positions lower in the general classification was our next driver, Pawel Dajewski. It is important to mention the return to the track of Piotr Cegielski, who performing in the last rounds of Super Rok category decided to give an example to his sons who also drive in our team.

That is Junior Rok category where Mikolaj Cegielski, an older of the sons, takes part. This young driver showed himself from a very good side several times during the season. Trainings and the work he does will undoubtedly pay off as early as next season. He finished this one on 11th position in the general classification.
Marcel Jastrzebowski, our next driver, took part in Junior Rok category and simultaneously in Junior Max category. A very good start to the season, especially in Rotax category meant the driver was hungry for success and he did his best during the preparation period. Finally, during the starts in Rotax category, Marcel placed himself in the upper part of the group of drivers, finishing the season on 5th position. In the Mikolaj Cegielski parallel Rok Cup Poland, he ended up as 7th.

Undoubtedly, a lot of joy this season brought performance of our youngest drivers. Aleksander Klimaszewski entered the top of Baby Rok
category in a spectacular way at the very beginning of the season in order to settle there for good. Aleksander stood on the podium of the Round as many as eight times, which contributed to a very high third position in the general classification of the season.
This result shows a great talent he is undoubtedly blessed with and owing to which we will be able to follow his progress. The first major test as well as the opportunity of ‚ driving around’ the best drivers in the world soon will take place during the 2014 Rok Cup International Final, which is scheduled in Lonato. The youngest entrant of karting in our team right now, however, is Kajtek Cegielski, who is preparing to get license.

What cannot be omitted is the great performance of Jakub Korbel in Senior Rok category. Driving in our colours, he stood on the podium in 14th round of Rok Cup Poland, in order to win 3rd position in the general classification of Senior Rok. Undoubtedly, a major event of this season was establishing cooperation between ST Racing Team and Patryk Szczerbinski, a driver who has been participating during his career i.a. in races of Porsche Super Cup. Patryk gave in to the temptation of taking part in two rounds of DD2 Max, which were obviously won by him with ample advantage. We hope that the valuable advice of such an experienced driver will allow our drivers to upgrade their skills during subsequent starts.

In front of us, there is still the most important event of this season, which is the 2014 Rok Cup International Finals, scheduled from 22nd to 25th October in Italian Lonato. It is worth mentioning that Slawek Muranski is taking part in it as a winner of 2nd position of last season, and being among the group of strict favourites. Apart from him, Patryk Szczerbinski will be also defending colours of ST Racing in Super Rok category. We hope both drivers will perform well in this category. Mikolaj Cegielski took part in Junior Rok category as well as two rookies, namely Olek Klimaszewski and Wiktor Leskiewicz in the category of Mini Rok.

Our young drivers will have a chance to compete with the best from all over the world, which will definitely have a positive impact on the development of their careers. In the end it must be emphasized that achieving good results in 2014 season was possible owing to the cooperation with FRIX brand. We hope for your support during the finals and for great performance of our competitors.

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