Rok Cup Poland
Rok Cup Poland
Rok Cup Poland
Rok Cup Poland

Rok Cup Poland

St Racing Maranello being under the wings of Tomasz Salach, creator of Team, managed very well during the last Vth serie of Rok Cup Poland, which this time has taken place on Poznań Track in Przeźmierowo.

Maranello drivers in number of four competed in Super Rok, the only one contest cathegory, but as many as two of the them stood on the final clasification podium.

Consecutively great deal of Stadnik brothers, but last week the winner was the younger one, Cezary Stadnik, who collected 130 points in four races and won the competition of Vth serie of Rok Cup Poland. Wojciech Stadnik, with his 108 points was the third in final scope.

The Team Super Rok drivers, racing in Przeźmierowo:

Cezary Stadnik – 130 points, 1st position,
Wojciech Stadnik – 108 points, 3rd position,
Sebastian Lotz – 59 points, 7th position,
Jakub Dobroszczyk – 51 points, 11th position.

Next Rok Cup Poland series's starting on first September weekend on the WallraV Race Center in Stary Kisielin. 

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