Czech Championship Vysoké Mýto – 30.09.2012
Czech Championship Vysoké Mýto – 30.09.2012
Czech Championship Vysoké Mýto – 30.09.2012
Czech Championship Vysoké Mýto – 30.09.2012

Ondřej Kočka grabbed the Czech KF2 Champion title


Ondřej Kočka(OK-KART MARANELLO Racing) is new Czech KF2 Champion after the last race in Vysoké Mýto. It was last round of Czech Championships during last weekend. Before this race, Ondřej Kočka was on second place in overall clasification. He finished in first heat on second place and he won the second heat. He finished before his biggest rival(Lucie Panáčková) in both of races and it is reason, why he has the title. During whole year he used chassis Maranello RS9 or Maranello RS12 and engines Maranello MK11 or BMB prepared by KVS.

His father, owner of team OK-KART Maranello Racing, Jiří Kočka said: „In first moment, I thought, it is only dream. Our main rivals were very good drivers from Praga Kart Racing and we proved defeat them. It was great feeling and I’m very happy for Ondřej.“

Czech Championships Vysoké Mýto – 30.09.2012: 1. Karol Dabski – Praga Kart Racing(Praga/Iame) – 22:07.135 2. Ondřej Kočka – OK-KART Maranello Racing(Maranello/BMB-KVS) – 22:08:317 3. Lucie Panáčková - Praga Kart Racing(Praga/Iame) – 22:09.481

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