Great start to the season for Maranello Kart
Great start to the season for Maranello Kart
Great start to the season for Maranello Kart

In a weekend characterized by continuous changes of weather, the Maranello Kart have immediately attracted attention in the first race of the season with the win in KF2 .

KF2.Great performance of the Finnish Teemu Suninen, that with a perfect driving goes into the lead after a few laps and wins without difficulty. Also to commend the Belgian Driver Dylan Lahaye shows that can do very well and finished the race in the 7th place.

KZ2. Incredible recovery for the English Ben Hanley, that in the pre-final penalized by a problem with the carburetor must stop the race after one lap and starting in last place in the Final, but thanks to a perfect guide and experience finishing in 6th place.

KF3. Also to commend the performance of three Japanese drivers: Asuka Muratomi, Takeru Muratomi and Takuya Okada that their first experience of international competition in this category have been able to go as fast as other riders, doing a good race penalized only by inexperience.

Filini Armando:
“It ‘been a good weekend, which gave us the opportunity to confirm the condition of the material, in particular the new RS-9 LS which has proved to be the top frame of our house because it has responded very well in the rain and dry, giving us the first win of the season. I am also very pleased with the work done by the whole team and the partnership with the new tuned Eyckmans and Machac who have worked hard all week”.



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